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June with PLAY!

Happy June Yogis!  The summer sun is here to warm us from the inside out! We are heading into the second half of 2018 with new found knowledge and acceptance of self. With the summer solstice coming up, we have a great opportunity to set intentions for the summer season. What would you like to […]

May with PLAY!

Happy May Yogis! The time for transformation has arrived and flowers are in bloom! May reminds us that we have been reborn again; that we have been cleansed and given the opportunity for renewal. Transformation or to transform means a dramatic change- which, like it sounds, can be traumatic while one is going through it. […]

April with PLAY!

Happy April Yogis! Spring time offers us the opportunity to cleanse our space and our bodies. Now is a great time to clean out your closet, your trunk, and even your thoughts and beliefs. Are your beliefs systems benefiting you …or limiting you? Examine all that fills your closet and your mind, if you don’t […]

Teacher Highlight: Jessica Gumkowski

What was your first introduction to yoga? Spring break 1992, Kingston, Jamaica. My memory is foggy but not because it was “Jamaica Man”, it just didn’t have much of an effect on me. My 2nd experience was quite the opposite. Waterfront Fitness, 1996, Newport, Rhode Island. I vividly recall hating yoga and everything about it […]

Hot Yoga in the Summer

Staying Hydrated Hot Yoga in the Summer Summer is in full swing in Carlsbad! Summer temperatures are rising, battling the temperature of our heated studio. But, if you’re like us, then there is no stopping you from the heated practice that you crave, which can be done safely with proper hydration. As class sizes are […]

Yogi Mat Spray

As hot yoga practitioners, we put our mats through so much! It’s time to give a little back. Yogi Mat Spray is the perfect refresher for your mat. Give it a spritz before and after each class to keep your mat feeling and smelling fresh and clean! This spray, provided by Cream of the Crop […]