Our Classes

Play 1

This hot yoga class takes the basic hatha yoga principles and practices them in a heated room. The heat allows for a deeper workout by warming your muscles and flushing toxins from all of your organs, including your skin. A fun vinyasa flow that will uplift the body, mind and spirit. Heated, All levels welcome.

Play 1-2

Enjoy the heat and foundation of Play 1, and start to play with level 2 options. A class for beginners to advanced yogis, with music, flow and heat.

Play 1-2 (warm)

Taught in a warm room, this class integrates the foundation of Play 1, and starts to play with level 2 options. A class for beginners to advanced yogis, with music and flow.

Play 2

A kicked up heated vinyasa sequence that has a fresh series each class to keep you on your toes. An intermediate level, athletic class, linking breath to posture designed to strengthen and exhilarate the body. Heated, Intermediate.

Play 2-3 (warm)

A Challenging class with a variety of formats and a little extra time for you to sweat. Intermediate-Advanced, warm, 75 min. *Prior experience in Play 2 recommended.

Hot Flow

PLAY’s unique set sequence “signature class”.  A combination of static postures and flow. Allows your body more time to connect with your pose, with soothing music and high heat. All levels welcome. (Classes after sunset will candlelit)

Rock N Roll Yoga

Rock out and Sweat with this intermediate heated flow! Join us as we play with a rocking class and rockin music! Intermediate, Heated.

Flow and Restore

Taught in a warm room, this class starts with a mellow vinyasa flow to develop heat and strength and moves to a floor sequence where postures are held for longer periods of time, focusing on improving flexibility in the hips, legs, and spine. Class ends with restorative postures to promote relaxation and stress reduction. All levels.


Prenatal Yoga

Come nurture yourself and your growing babies with this strong but gentle vinyasa flow class. Build strength and endurance for labor and delivery while keeping you and baby safe and supported. Come have fun while building the connection with your baby and other mom’s to be! Non-Heated.

NGY Kids Yoga 2-4 yr. olds

Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. Playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques, teach 2, 3 and 4-year olds about their budding bodies. Sprinkled with music, crafts, picture books and age-appropriate props, we’ll spark the child’s inner yogini while enhancing language development, motor coordination and play skills. Classes are an equal balance between active & passive poses.

NGY Kids Yoga 5-7 yr. olds

Cooperative games, theme activities, storytelling, music, and art engage the natural energy and enthusiasm of the 5, 6 and 7-year old child. Classes explore Yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation techniques while conveying lessons in self-expression, body image, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental awareness.