About Us

Peace Love and Yoga is a space for community, healing and growth. Come as you are, we welcome all and meet you where you’re at. Our mission is to help you find balance on all levels, and achieve your state of vitality and peace. With a base in yoga, we see you as a whole person and have holistic health offerings to help achieve optimum health and wellness. 

About Jess McGimsey

PLAY was opened with a lot of passion, love for yoga and support from family and community. Jess, had only been teaching for a few years when her vision for PLAY began. She sought to create a studio with the heat that she loved, but add yoga from all the styles she loved. It was only because of the support and handyman skills from her husband Ian, and the support of family and friends that PLAY became a reality. Since that beautiful spring day in 2010, the journey has been so transformational for all involved, and Jess and her family feel so blessed to be doing what they love and sharing it with others. PLAY has changed the lives of many and hope we can bring Peace Love and of course Yoga to your life too!

About Monique Cornfield

“Yesterday I was clever and I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself”~Rumi

Monique’s passion for movement began at a young age, always an athlete, but it wasn’t until a lingering injury pushed her to step on her yoga mat to heal. She immediately fell in love, yoga created a new space to explore movement, breath and healing in a new light. Yoga, beyond the physical movement, was a piece that was missing in her life and she would learn how integral the mind, body, spirit connection is, thus began her journey.

After completing her teacher training program, she spent many years teaching at multiple yoga studios throughout North County San Diego, until she found her home at Peace Love and Yoga.

As fate would have it, a new opportunity arose to become co-owner at PLAY. She is beyond blessed to share her passion, love and light with the community that is PLAY.