Ian McGimsey

Ian McGimsey and Wyatt McGimsey

Teaching yoga is a far cry from working the cotton fields and ranches of west Texas where Ian spent his teenage years growing up. After 11 years in the Marine Corps, he found his home and a completely new life in Southern California. In late 2008, Ian suffered a back injury that ended up causing him to be disability retired from the Marine Corps. After months of different “treatments” to try mitigate the pain, PLAY opened. After the first week of taking a class a day, his pain was almost completely gone! Ian started to realize the many powers that yoga holds, and thus began his yoga journey. Inspired by his wife, Jessica, and encouraged by all of the other amazing instructors at PLAY, he attended the Fall 2012 YogaWorks Teacher Training through PLAY.

As a Disabled Vet, Ian wants to reach out to the military community, and encourage everyone, regardless of where you are and what your physical condition is, please find yoga. There is a style for everyone so find yours! Country music has been and always will be a big part of Ian’s life. Now that he is teaching at PLAY, and yoga has had such a large impact on his life, he has brought Country music to the PLAY family and plays it in his Country Yoga classes. It is his way of offering something different to two groups of people that might not experience the other. “I love my Country Music and lifestyle, and I love my Yogis. I want to bring in the Country folks to experience yoga with music and language that they will be comfortable with, and let my Yogis experience country in a setting that they are comfortable. It’s the best of both worlds in my eyes!”