The Beauty Of Hot Flow

If you have practiced at PLAY before chances are you have taken our Hot Flow sequence. This sequence was developed by Jessica McGimsey and Monique Cornfield. It is the perfect sequence and flow to create balance and strength in the body. The sequence is well thought out and flows smoothly creating a workout for your entire body.

Christine Foerster shares a beautiful post about our signature Hot Flow sequence.

There are so many benefits from a regular yoga practice. But, the beauty of the Hot Flow class is the ability to turn off your mind and just allow your body to move. Once you have been in this class for awhile you know the basics of the sequence. You can quiet your mind knowing the sequence and just breathe and flow.

Each instructor has something different to share. So even though you are taking the same flow you can always find something new in your practice. Recently, one of our beautiful instructors Christine Foerster shared an article on her blog titled Hot Flow is my Prayer. Below is an excerpt from her post really touching on the beauty of the hot flow.

“Yet, within this simplicity, you can find incredible bliss, a glorious connection to a truer part of ourselves that is breath guided movement.
Hot Flow gives the student the flexibility to make practice what one needs at that moment. It can be gentle and restorative. It can also match any high intensity workout. Or, it can exist somewhere along this spectrum, you decide. It is peace and love expressed in breath and movement, humble yet majestic.” – Christine Foerster

Come join us at PLAY for our signature sequence. Enjoy an entire body workout, while detoxing your body, and taking quality time with yourself on the four corners of your mat.

5 Yoga Tips For Beginners

We all have had our first time in a yoga class. A little scared and nervous because we don’t know what to expect. With these 5 yoga tips for beginners you can walk in feeling a little more prepared for your yoga class.

5 Yoga Tips For Beginners

1.   Breath.  This is the number one focus of yoga.  Your breath should be the guide to your practice.  It should be slow, steady and constant.

2.  Listen to your body.  This is such a huge part of practicing yoga.  No matter what level you are at, listening to your body is important.  Every day and every class is different.  You always need to remember that.  Don’t push yourself to far.  You want to challenge yourself but, you should never be uncomfortable or in pain.

3.  It’s not a competition.  Yoga is time for you and it is a never ending learning experience.  Every posture has hundreds of different variations.  Once you have mastered one there is something else you can learn.  Don’t compete with those around you.  Everyone is at a different place in their practice.

4.  Focus on what you have accomplished.  During your practice don’t be hard on yourself.  It’s ok if you can’t do every posture perfectly.  Focus on all the positive things you did during your class.  Acknowledge how you feel when you leave and appreciate the peace you will walk out of your class with.

5.  Listen to the details.  Be sure to listen to your instructor.   Every detail and make adjustments as you go.  There are reasons for every variation and every position.  Your instructor created the class with an intention in mind and purpose for the class.  Listening to the details helps you achieve something bigger than just an hour of yoga.  Also, when you listen and focus on their words, it can help to clear your mind of chatter and thoughts about other things.  Let it all go and be present.

10 Tips To Correct Warrior I

Warrior 1 is a pose that is often done incorrectly. There are so many movements happening in the body to create this strong pose. You need to have a lot of ankle mobility and strength in your legs to achieve proper alignment. Here are 10 tips to correct your warrior I or virabhadrasana I/A.

Peace, Love And Yoga shares 10 tips to correct your warrior I pose.
  1. Heel to heel alignment or feet like they are on railroad tracks.
  2. Back foot turned in 45 degrees.
  3. Lifting through the arch of the back foot.
  4. Draw front thigh bone back and back hip forward. Squaring hips to the front of the room.
  5. Front knee bent and back leg straight.
  6. Lower ribs drawing in and core engaged.
  7. Arms extended and shoulders squared to the front of the room.
  8. Shoulders relaxed away from the ears.
  9. Fingers spread wide with pinkies gently rotating inward.
  10. Gaze up towards hands.

Standing Sequence

Peace Love And Yoga instructor Michele Bolanos shares a standing sequence. This flow will build strength and focus while moving your body in an easy standing sequence.

Michele Bolanos shares a standing balance sequence that willl build strength and focus.

You can view our other videos on our YouTube Channel or here.

Tropical Smoothie Recipe

The sunshine is starting to brighten up the days. It’s just a gentle reminder that summer is just around the corner. With the temperatures warming up it’s always nice to have a healthy recipe that you can throw together. This tropical smoothie recipe is really easy and tasty.

The pineapple in the tropical fruit blend will help with digestion. While the strawberries and mango providing a dose of vitamin C, as well as, antioxidants to help boost your immune system.

Peace Love And Yoga shares a tropical smoothie recipe that's perfect for summer.

Tropical Smoothie


  • 1 cup Frozen Tropical Fruit Mix
  • 10 oz Mango Juice
  • 1/2 Frozen banana


  • Throw everything in the blender blend and enjoy.

Check out another great smoothie recipe here. These recipes are perfect for summer. You can enjoy your tropical smoothie on the go or make it a little thicker and eat it with granola and coconut flakes.

10 Tips To Correct Warrior II

Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana B/II is a well known strong and strutted pose. With a lot of things happening in the body it is easy to find misalignment in this pose. These 10 tips to correct Virabhadrasana II will help you find balance and strength in the body.

Peace, Love And Yoga in Carlsbad shares the 10 tips to correct your warrior 2.

10 Tips To Correct Warrior II

  1. Feet in a comfortable wide stance.
  2. Front foot pointing straight ahead.
  3. The Front knee bent to 90 degree angle and tracking over the second and third toe.
  4. Front thigh externally rotated.
  5. Back Thigh Neutral leaving space for the sacrum.
  6. The Back Leg is straight and engaged.
  7. Back foot turned in slightly from 90 degrees.
  8. Shoulders stacked over hips.
  9. Arms extending parallel to the mat.
  10. Gaze over front middle finger.

If you would like to learn more about how to correct your yoga poses check out other postures here.