Five Benefits Of Hot Yoga

We all have a friend that is dying to get us to try hot yoga.  If you are on the fence and nervous about giving it a shot, here are five reasons why you should go.  You will walk out feeling amazing and your body will thank you.

  Five Benefits Of Hot Yoga

1. Detoxifying – The heat will aid in detoxifying your body.  Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and when you sweat it releases toxins and helps with the elimination process.

2. It can help increase your flexibility– The additional heat will help increase the blood flow to your muscles and can increase your flexibility.  But, be mindful when practicing that you engaging your muscles and focus on creating balance in the body.

3. Can help to clear your skin– When you sweat, it helps to clear your pores and remove excess dirt and oil from your skin.  Which, in turn, can help clear your skin of impurities. 

4. Increasing your heart rate– Getting your heart pumping is so beneficial.  Exercise can help promote weight loss, reduce your risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, along with many other things. 

5. It reduces stress–All forms of yoga offer the benefit of reducing stress, and hot yoga is no different.   Coming to your mat and bringing awareness to your breath helps to reduce stress and create mindfulness. 

If you still aren’t convinced hot yoga is for you, or you have a illness that prevents you from practicing in a heated space, you can still receive most of the benefits from a regular yoga practice. So, no matter what, just move your body and add yoga to your routine.

Upcoming Workshops At Play

Hi Yogis! These upcoming weeks we have some great workshops happening at the studio. Our 300 hour teacher trainees are completing their program and they are sharing their love for yoga in their own style and giving back to the community. The workshops are $25 pre-sale and $35 at the door. Each teacher is giving all proceeds to the charity of their choice. Be sure to join one or all of our 300 hour trainees for their final workshops. 

Flow & Restore Sound Extravaganza with Bob

January 19th 1:30-3:30 pm

Relax and enjoy a total sensory experience with a variety of sound instruments. Let the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, the binaural beats of tuned quartz crystal bowls, the rumble of the gong and the overtones of the crystal pyramid take you on a sound extravaganza journey engulfing the mind, body and soul.

Explore the history of various instruments and discover their modern day sound healing properties.

Participate in hands on experience playing crystal bowls, striking Tibetan singing bowls, drumming and banging on a gong.

Linger in restorative poses enjoying the effects of sound healing instruments to take you into a deeper state of relaxation and inner peace.

Give Back Yoga Foundation: A national non-profit yoga organization that believes in making yoga available to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformational benefits of this powerful practice.

Sensing Your Expression with Beth

February 2nd 1:00-3:30 pm

Peel back your outermost “layers” and explore the depth of your authentic Self. Understand what makes self expression so important and how you can tap into a truer You.
What to expect: Movement and Chanting to open the Visuddha Chakra, Tea and Fire Ceremony to acknowledge and release our “barriers” and Paint Therapy to set the intention of maintaining clarity within our Being.
Charity: Burners Without Borders
Description of charity: Burners Without Borders is a grassroots, volunteer driven organization that supports collaborative responses to the 21st centuries most staggering problems. BWB is recognized for their unbridled creativity in innovative disaster relief solutions and community resiliency projects.

Yoga For Runners with Megan

February 9th 1:30 -3:30 pm

Take your running program to the next level by adding yoga. This workshop will help you find balance in your body to help keep you limber while running. You will walk away with a pre-run smoothie recipe and the perfect yoga routine to follow up your runs.

Charity: Children’s Heart Foundation: CHF is the leading organization dedicated to funding Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Megan chose this organization because it hits close to home. Her best friends daughter is living with a form of CHD and this organization is one reason her daughter is living a healthy normal life.

Upside Down with Kim

February 10th 1:00-3:00 pm

During this 2 hour inversion workshop, we will begin with a yoga warm up focusing on the muscle groups and joints that play a key role in moving your practice upside down. Then we’ll explore strength drills, alignment and specific instruction on how to safely move into a variety of inversions including headstand, forearm stand and handstand. Come play, find strength and experience the joy of changing your perspective by going upside down.

Charity:Angel Faces is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit who’s mission to hold intensive educational retreats for adolescent girls and young women with traumatic burns and injuries to help them achieve their optimum potential and develop meaningful relationships with themselves, their families and communities.

Visit our Event Page to sign up for any of these workshops!! 


10 Things You Should Look For When Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training Program

So, you have decided to take a 200 Hour Teacher Training. It can be a bit overwhelming and it can be tricky to know what to look for when you are choosing a program. These 10 things you should look for when choosing a yoga teacher-training program will have you ready to pick the perfect studio in no time.

10 Things You Should Look For When Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training Program

1. Are they a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance – Even though there are plenty of studios that offer great programs that are not RYS (Registered Yoga School) this can be a great way to narrow down your search. It also gives you the option to apply to be an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)
2. Know The Style of Yoga – Choose a style of yoga that fits your practice. Youwant to find a program that you will love. Spending 200 hours focused on a practice you aren’t passionate about can really make it challenging.
3. Practice There – Get to know the studio, their teachers, and the teachers that have been certified there.
4. Research The Training Instructors – Get to know the instructors that will be the main educators of the yoga teacher training. You want to know that these instructors are well informed on anatomy, alignment and philosophy.
5. Look For An Anatomy Based Program – Knowing anatomy is key to teaching a physical practice. You want a program that will not only educate on the postures but the muscles and joints involved in the postures.
6. Look for a balanced program with alignment, philosophy, and anatomy – You want a training program that is well balanced. If the entire program is focused on just postures, it may not prepare you to teach others.
7. Cost and Schedule – These two factors are big when choosing your program. You want to make sure it won’t break the bank, and that you can conveniently fit it in to your life.
8. How many trainees do they have – Do they over fill their program to make money? Or are they focusing on small groups with well-taught instructors.You want to be sure that you are going to be able to get the attention you need to grow as an instructor.
9. Look For A Program that is in person and hands on – A program that is primarily taught on Skype or via a webcam is not the best choice. You want to be able to feel the adjustments and interact with other students.
10. Know Your Intention and Expectation – Before you make your final decision know what your intention and expectations are. If you are looking to grow your personal practice than some of these points may not matter. It may be more about the studio being a good fit and loving the people and practice that you are learning.

Are you interested in furthering your practice or becoming a yoga instructor?  Join our next 200 hour yoga teacher training here

January is Auto Member Appreciation Month!

January is Auto Member Appreciation Month! All month we will be giving Auto members gifts, guest passes and discounts. We are so grateful for each and every one of you. We wanted to take the month of January to say thank you to those of you that practice and share your light with PLAY.

Each week, the member perk will be announced on Monday via email, social and web. So, be sure that you are subscribed to our email list and that you have added us to your address book, or follow us on Instagram for all the updates on classes, discounts and more. You still have time to bring because this first week, Jan 1- 7, each member
receives a guest pass to bring a friend!

200 Hr TT Testimonial (Megan)

“Hello Yoga Lovers.,
My name is Megan and I am a teacher at Peace Love And Yoga in Carlsbad. I have been teaching yoga for ten years and I have completed two 200-hour teacher training certifications. I wanted to share my experience and tell you about how fabulous the program is that PLAY has developed.

I took my first certification ten years ago and have loved every second of teaching. After nine years, I noticed something was missing from my classes. I have a ton of experience in the fitness industry, but I just felt like my classes needed something else. After some thought, I decided to try the PLAY 200 hour training. This experience has changed me, not only my teaching, but also my life. They have a strong focus on alignment anatomy and the 8 limbs. You will spend your 200 hours fully immersed in all things yoga. Your practice will grow and you will find a new fire for your practice. Your body will thank you and you will have connection with so many other amazing yogis.

I loved the training so much that I have enrolled in the 300-hour program along with many other training sessions that PLAY offers. Jess, Monique and Susan are an inspiration with so much knowledge. The in-depth anatomy will help you better understand what your body is doing in each pose. The 8 limbs and philosophy focused curriculum will give you an appreciation for the yogi way of life. I have always been one to try to and what is right, but the 8 limbs really bring it all full circle.

I highly recommend this program. Whether, you want to teach or not, take the 200 hour training to change your life, your body, and become a part of a whole new yoga family.”

-Megan Ballard (PLAY instructor)

December with PLAY

Happy December Yogis! 

The nights are long and the days are short in this exciting yet hectic month. The buzz of the holidays radiates in the air, and the anticipation of celebrating with family and friends grows deeper.

As much love and life there is in December, this month can be consuming in many ways. You may need to actively take time for yourself. As you find gifts to give others, make sure to find gifts to give yourself. It could be a yoga class, a cup of hot tea and a good book, or maybe a relaxing walk. Whatever it might be, take the time to treat yourself!

We will be hosting a winter solstice event on Friday December 21st with the 108 sun salutations. When you come in to practice don’t forget to participate in our Secret Yogi Santa. Introducing the PLAY app! Download today! We have lots of new retail items and now offer gift cards! The Next Generation Teacher Training for 2-7 year olds is cancelled.

Thank you all for sharing your practice and your spirits! We are so grateful to share the practice of yoga with you all!

Winter Solstice Event! 
DATE: 12/21

Changing of the seasons is a time to cleanse, renew, and rejuvenate. The practice of 108 Sun Salutations is an incredible way for anyone at any level of their yoga practice to detox and challenge themselves mentally and physically. Learn more about the number 108 and why we practice Surya Namaskar A. Share this beautiful practice with your fellow yogis and celebrate the Winter Equinox.

We will be running a 3:45PM Hot Flow, 5:00PM Play 1-2, and the 108 Sun Sals in place of rock and roll at 6:30.

Come enjoy yoga, vendors, food and deals only valid during the event!

25% off all Merch in Studio during the event 4 – 8 PM.

Also, Winter Solstice Prize Bucket During the event celebration, come pick an item out of the prize bucket. One prize per person. Prizes include discounts off of class passes or the first month of an auto-debit, free class pass. Big prizes – Free 10-pass class, Free month unlimited.


Monday 12/24
6:00 AM – Hot Flow
8:30 AM – Play 1-2
10:00 AM – Hot Flow
10:00 AM – Childcare
12:00 PM – Play 1-2
3:45 PM – Hot Flow
3:45 PM – Hot Flow

Tuesday 12/25
12:00 PM – Hot Flow

Wednesday 12/26
*6:00 AM canceled*

Monday 12/31
6:00 AM – Hot Flow
8:30 AM – Play 1-2
10:00 AM – Hot Flow
10:00 AM – Childcare
12:00 PM – Play 1-2
3:45 PM – Hot Flow
3:45 PM – Hot Flow

Tuesday 1/1
9:00 AM – Play 1-2
10:30 AM – Hot Flow
12:00 PM – Hot Flow
4:00 PM – Play 1-2

Secret Yogi Santa 

*For each class you take, put your FULL NAME on a raffle ticket.

*Put ticket in blue stocking.

*Each week, we will pull a ticket, and if your name is chosen, you will get a prize.

*Prizes include a 5 Classes, 10 Classes, Yogitoes Mat Towel, and One Month Unlimited Yoga!!



With the new PLAY App, you’ll have the schedule at your fingertips! You’ll be able to check in to classes with your app, have access to exclusive specials, and renew your class passes all from your phone. Download today!

NEW Gift Cards available in studio! A perfect gift for the yoga-lover in your life. You pick the amount to be used on classes or merchandise we have available in studio. Give someone the gift of yoga!


Have a favorite yoga pose? Share it with your PLAY Family, and we will feature you as our Favorite Pose of the Week on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Just send in a pic of you doing your favorite yoga pose, and maybe a couple of sentences about why you love the pose! Here is one of our lovely PLAY instructors, Lindsay, in one of her favorite poses; Skandasana or side lunge. She loves this pose because it is grounding and a perfect way to work into the hips and hamstrings! Email your favorite pose to to share your beautiful practice with your PLAY community.