Vrksasana Off The Mat

Tree PoseAn Asana lesson for both on and off the mat:

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it easy to become occupied with busy schedules, long shopping lists, out of town visitors, wrapping gifts, baking, etc. When the day becomes overwhelming and the joy behind the holiday season becomes difficult to recognize, remind yourself to stay rooted. Imagine your feet as long roots growing deep into the earth beneath you. Picture yourself in Vrksasana (Tree Pose) and remind yourself to root your feet onto the floor and find a strong foundation.

You don’t only have to be on the mat to practice your asanas. The most important beginning to an asana is a good foundation. The foundation of a pose is the part of your body that is touching the ground.

Try to work on the foundations of Vrksasana this month when you are standing in line at a busy grocery store, or at the security line at the airport, or in the kitchen baking a batch of cookies.

Start with your feet and spread your toes wide. Lift all ten of your toes and gently place them down one at a time. Engage your quadracepts while drawing your inner thighs back and your tailbone toward the floor. Draw your naval into the spine and and broaden across your collar bones. With a lengthened neck, imagine the crown of your head is being pulled by a string on the ceiling.

Eventually, start playing with the idea of lifting one of your legs, bending at the knee. Perhaps place your foot on your calf, or maybe eventually up to your thigh. Imagine your strong roots deep into the earth and fully express your Vrksasana.

Written by PLAY team member Jenna Saunders


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