Teacher Highlight- Jess McGimsey

jess2Meet Jessica McGimsey; Owner, Yoga Instructor, Pilates Teacher, mother and beautiful wife! We sat down with Jess and asked her to share a little more about herself, her journey to finding yoga and the creation of Peace Love and Yoga!

What was your first introduction to yoga?

My first intro to yoga was at the Yoga Center that used to be in downtown Carlsbad. I was a gym rat at the time, and needed something else to add to my routine. It was hard, and my first class was super awkward…. I tried to keep my socks on and I fought my giggles so hard when they began the class chanting. I felt great afterward though. Actually, my favorite teacher there was Garry πŸ™‚

At what point did you decide you wanted to teach?

I remember after one of my classes with Garry, I thought I would love to be a yoga teacher. But it was years before I actually felt worthy and had the guts to commit to a training.

What/who has made the largest impact on your practice?

My son. Being pregnant was so magical, but so humbling at the same time. Practicing with him in my belly really taught me it’s ok to hold back sometimes, to not do every chaturanga or the fullest expression of every pose, every day. He’s also taught me to cherish my practice, whether it’s an opportunity to catch a full class, or even just the 15-20 min at a time at home with him rolling his trucks on my mat.

What made you decide to open Peace Love and Yoga?

It started off because I was tired of driving to downtown SD, to Camp Pendelton, to Carlsbad and everywhere in between to teach. I really wanted to teach in 1 place, and wanted the same for my practice. I was practicing all over San Diego County, and really wanted something closer to home. At the time there wasn’t much in North County. I also loved to sequence and practice different flows, but also loved the heat. It felt like Carlsbad/North County needed all these things.

How did you come up with the name for the studio?

When I was thinking of what I wanted to create in a studio, playful energy was one of the number one things on my list. So, I was thinking PLAY… PLAY-full Yoga…. Love play Yoga…. and then while I was driving home one day from teaching everywhere….click! Peace Love and Yoga (PLAY)! I was super shocked that no other studio was using that name yet! A very good friend of mine helped me come up with the logo and I still love it… the name, logo… it’s just perfect πŸ™‚

What else inspires you? Keeps you going?

Our students and teachers inspire me the most. It’s one of the best feelings seeing a student get into a pose that they struggled with and know that I helped them get there. That inspires me to be a better teacher, to learn more so I can share with our students. Our teachers are all so diverse and creative, that I always feel refreshed after taking one of their classes. I also get so much inspiration from our yoga field trips to LA. We sometimes cram 3 classes in a day with some of the yoga ‘celebs’ in LA. We’re so lucky to be so close to be able to do that.


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