“How to set an intention,” by Catherine Mazur

Carlsbad SunsetIt’s a common practice, at the start of a yoga class, for the teacher to suggest the students set an intention. In Sanskrit, this is known as sankulpa.

What is this “setting an intention? Why is it so important that we are continually urged to do it? And how the heck do we really do it – I mean, REALLY?  Let me assure you that the reward of a strong, clear intention is miraculous, magical even. So when you’re tempted to yawn at the suggestion, think again.

Here’s how to find the magic.

1) The first step is to get really clear on what you want. There is a limitless quantum field of possibilities for creating anything and everything you want. An effective intention is always what you are looking for, not what you hope to avoid or change. So be careful to state it in the positive. For example, ” I want to feel energized and alive” rather than, “I’m not so exhausted all the time”. “I find gratitude & joy at work” instead of “I’m not irritated by people today”. You get the idea.

2). Next, step into the feeling of it already happening.  See it, imagine it. What would it feel like? This puts the energy in motion. Don’t skip this step. Even if you take just 30 seconds – really tap into the feeling, letting it saturate your body and soul. (Magic here… I’m just sayin’)

3). Your results will be assured and amplified if you write it down and/or communicate it to someone. Especially for your bigger life intentions. Journaling is a form of manifestation; words on paper. This brings it into the material realm. Sharing your intention with a person who is safe, who supports you, will anchor your intention. It will also help to hold you accountable and give you an ally.

The field of possibilities is a vast, unlimited source. Every outcome, every blessing, every option is valid in this field. Our opportunity is to choose what we want from this vast field. Once we have a desire, it is this setting of our intention that begins creation.


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