“The Gift of Yoga,” by Catherine Mazur

Catherine- Warrior 2 That which you seek is seeking you- Rumi

It is fascinating, magical even, how doing yoga poses can change your life. How is it that the practice of yoga has the ability to reach into one’s life and transform it from the inside out? Being a yoga teacher, I’ve seen it over and over again and I’ve pondered it plenty. There is something about a prolonged hold of Warrior 2, for example, that can reveal to us our patterns of dealing with difficult life situations, our tendency to give up when the going gets rough, of squirming to escape. Moving through a sweaty vinyasa flow boosts our ability to find our power and confidence both on the mat and off. A deep forward fold promotes a sense of centeredness, well being and calm. Coming out of savasana, makes one wonder, “why am I not nurturing myself every day?” As we look to the year ahead and think about the possibilities for creating and change, we can depend on the gift of our yoga practice to guide us toward a life that feels good – empowered, centered,and present with ourselves. It’s as easy and as challenging as going to our next class.


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  1. Jennifer Williams

    Thank you for such a concise description of what I am currently experiencing through my yoga practice. The actual practice of breathing through physical stressors like holding a difficult pose are making it easier for my breath to activate in times of stress in my everyday life.

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