4 Simple Ways to Detox by Catherine Mazur

Wow, February already! With January over, and Super Bowl XLVIII now history, we are officially one twelfth into 2014. So? How’s it coming along with those intentions, diets, and resolutions? Hopefully better than it went for the Broncos on Sunday.Eagle Arms

I like to press reset in February. No doubt Peyton Manning would too. My golfers friends would consider this month like a mulligan – a do over or second shot. For many of us, near the top of this year’s list is to get healthier, stronger, DETOX! So this month, my yoga classes will focus, or refocus on releasing what doesn’t serve us. In class we will be doing a practice that aids the body in releasing toxins – a detox yoga flow. On the 22nd, Diane Najjar and I will be leading a cleanse and detox workshop, to help you jumpstart your “resolution redo”.

Until then, here are 4 simple ways to help your body detox. Pick one that feels appropriate, or do them all!

1) Move – your body, that is. I suggest yoga.

2) Sleep – most of us don’t get enough. Did you know that your body detoxes while you sleep? A great reason to get in 8 hours.

3) Skip a meal – As soon your body finishes digesting, it turns to detoxing. Think Pac Man.

4) Cry – yes, skipping a meal can make some of us to want to cry. So go ahead, whatever the reason. Your tears are cleansing and can release toxins as well as stress hormones.

Every month can be a mulligan. Every DAY can be a do over. Why waste any energy on berating yourself for not staying on track? Instead, dig deep and start again.


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to¬†what lies within us”



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