Meditation-The Pathway to Awareness Part 1 by Catherine Mazur


“One of the great paradoxes of life is that we must go inward to find the road out of ourselves.” -Bill Harris Water:Sunset

If we pause to examine what we really want to get out of life, would not joy, fulfillment, and freedom somehow find their way onto our list of hopes and desires? Deep down, at the root of all our resolutions, goals, and aspirations, it is really happiness and contentment that we all seek. If we trace every intention and desire back to it’s deepest source, we find at the bottom of everything we want, and I mean everything, is the hope that it will make us feel happier on some level.

The purpose of the practice of yoga is exactly that – to lead us inward to the source of all peace and bliss. And how does yoga teach us to do go inward? The answer is meditation.

What!? The purpose of yoga is about meditation?! What about tight abs and sweaty vinyasa flows? We love our yoga classes, and it’s good that we do! Asana is the first step towards awareness, leading to deeper levels of practice like breathwork and looking inward. However, the real gold, the life changing power is in the end game of meditation. Here lies the key to awareness that leads to bliss.

If happiness and fulfillment are not enticing enough to convince you down this yogic path, consider the following benefits of meditation.

-improves concentration
-reduces effects of stress
-improves immune function
-brings deep relaxation
-improves focus
-lowers blood pressure
-stabilizes the emotions
-gives access to a deeper level of creativity
-it brings us to the realization of who we really are – not our thoughts or our emotions, but the witness; pure consciousness itself, which leads to peace and bliss.

Pretty impressive stuff!


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