Flow & Restore – Yoga for the Athlete

Yoga benefits the athlete in many ways. Yoga increases flexibility, balance, and strength which can result in improved performance, injury prevention and faster recovery for everyone and athletes of all levels. A regular yoga practice will also improve your mental focus and mental endurance which are so critical for athletes.

How yoga helps the athlete:

Stretch tight muscles and improve your range of motion

Entire body training to improve muscle strength and stability of joints

Improve balance and coordination in standing postures

Injury Prevention
Correct imbalances produced by your regular training

Mental Training
Develop a calm mind in challenging postures

Our Flow & Restore class is the perfect class for athletes on an easy training day or as a second workout on a more active day. We address the most commonly overused and restricted parts of an athlete’s body while improving core strength and balance.

Each class starts with a mellow vinyasa flow to build heat and strength. The second half of class focuses on increasing flexibility in the legs, hips, and spine by holding poses for a longer period of time. Finish off the class with peaceful resting positions and recharge for your next workout.

Join Julia Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am.

Room is mildly heated (~90 degrees). All levels.


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