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Distractions by Jess McGimsey

Have you heard the banging and drilling next door? That’s the sound of progress! The contractor and his team are working very quickly, and if you take a peek next time your in, the space is already starting to transform. Demo and framing are done, and they’re now working on opening up the ceiling and […]

Pose of the Week: Ustrasana

Ustrasana “Camel Pose” Benefits: Maximum compression of spine, which stimulates nervous system. Improves flexibility of neck, spine, and shoulders. Stretches abdomals and throat. Opens heart chakra. Follow @playcarlsbad on Instagram and hashtag #playcarlsbad doing the pose of the week and we’ll give ya an asana shout out.

We’re Expanding! So it begins… by Jess McGimsey

We are about to start a process that will change so much for PLAY, it’s future and our students this week!  Our building permits are finally ready, and construction is about to begin.  While it feels like something new is beginning, this is actually something that has been in the works for about 9 months […]