We’re Expanding! So it begins… by Jess McGimsey

JessWe are about to start a process that will change so much for PLAY, it’s future and our students this week!  Our building permits are finally ready, and construction is about to begin.  While it feels like something new is beginning, this is actually something that has been in the works for about 9 months now.  As you can probably imagine, the construction process is never easy, and this one has been no different.  But, this one has gone from one of the most stressful events of my life to the catalyst to transform me and allow me to deepen my understanding of yoga more than I ever thought.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’m Jess.  My husband, Ian and I opened Peace Love and Yoga in March 2010 with hope, love and passion.  When we first opened I was teaching 17 classes a week, and I loved every minute of it.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that was not sustainable, and so our family started to grow.  We are now at a staff of over 20, and since the birth of our son Wyatt, I am now only teaching 3 classes a week.  This is why some of you may not know me, or have taken my class.  Please know that even if I don’t see you physically, I See you, and I am grateful that you practice with the PLAY family.

Back to construction.  Over the past couple years many of you have experienced the dreaded bathroom line in the evening classes, we notice too.  In fact, I stressed about the bathroom situation long before we were capable of doing something about it.  When the LandLord came to us with an amazing offer to expand this year, I could not say no.  Then what I had conveniently forgotten about our first build out all came rushing back.  Leasing, design, plans, permits, contractors, budgets, regulations… and no one’s even touched a hammer yet! Nothing ever goes as planned, everything is more expensive and takes more time.  So, what did I decide to do amidst all the construction planning, running a business, raising a toddler, and building a teacher training? I signed up for a 6 month 500 hour Teacher Training in Laguna Nigel!  Why?  I’m not really sure.  Looking back, something in me must have known I was about to break and knew I needed a change. It was the best thing I ever did.  Sure I’m exhausted, I’m behind on my to-do lists and my house is a mess most days. But, you know what, I’m ok with that. I’m not over stressed, I’m not falling apart, and I’m completely content with where I am.  I’m so happy to be teaching what I love.  I’m so happy to come home to my dirty, silly boys laughing and playing.  And I’m so happy to finally be connecting with my true Self.

That’s the yoga.  Letting go of those things you cannot change, because why spend so much energy trying to control something that you cannot. Immersing myself in yoga again, has reminded me what I loved about yoga years ago and this time around I am actually living more of my yoga off of my mat. Sutra 1.12 talks about both practice and non-reaction being required to still the mind. Suffering comes, but how we react is our choice. For me, showing up to my mat is easier than not reacting.  But, I’m doing the work of both.  When things get pushed another week back or yet something else goes wrong, I pause, breathe and realize before I react.  And, you know what? It works.


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  1. Your sister Angie

    This was wonderful to read Jess! I am so thrilled for you! You have done it and are now getting it done again! I’m so very proud of you sister

  2. Jennifer Williams

    Hi Jess.
    I love everything about your post, with my favorite being your honesty and openness. I can relate because interestingly enough I am in the process of becoming a surrogate, taking two classes, working until 2pm so I can be home with my 13 year old son after school, and in the midst of that I got chosen from the watersmartsd.org waiting list to take Saturday classes which will result in a free professional landscape design so that I can remove my front lawn and make it awesome and water conserving. As you said, why not? Sometimes I think I’m insane but here I sit this morning with a day off from school and I’m bummed. I wouldn’t mind being there. I love a routine and thanks to your studio I always have a place to go where I can immediately debrief and plug back into my self. This is a total over share but at the same time I really just felt like honoring the strength of all woman and our ability to live the crap out of life. You go girl!!

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