New Year, New PLAY and New You!

It’s taken blood, sweat and tears, but we made it.  We are so excited to welcome you into our new space!  We are thrilled to have almost double the space to be Jessyour home away from home.  We have custom built furniture from Brave Elements, Ian has created reclaimed wood sconces, bath lights and other fun pieces and what everyone is most excited about is the new bathrooms and showers!  Next time you are in for class, bring your clothes to put in our new lockers for a nice refreshing shower after class.

This new addition opens up so much opportunity for PLAY and the growth of our community!  We look forward to adding new workshops, and new classes to the schedule in the upcoming weeks and months.  We’re also very excited to be collaborating with local community to bring you music, food, cooking, nutrition, juicing, and all things that inspire well being, happiness, and play!

It seems almost too perfect that our ‘New’ was just in time for the ‘New Year.’  The New Year season is a time where we all step back and reflect, and cast our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. Yoga is very similar in that your practice tends to show you your true self, giving you the opportunity to reflect on what means most to you every time you step on the mat or meditation cushion.  Lets keep the inspiration and excitement of the New Year alive each time you meet your practice all the way through 2015.

For 2015, PLAY hopes to have more opportunity to spend more time with each of you.  We dream of holding space for you to find your truest, happiest self.  And, lastly in 2015, we want to laugh, love and play!  What are you hoping for in 2015? IMG_1674





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