Play Turned 6 and We Celebrated

We want to send a special thank you out to our beautiful community of yogis who celebrated with us. You all have helped to make Play the inspiring place to practice that it is for the last 6 years. We so appreciate everyone who took the time to come by share the love, meet with our local vendors, see some fantastic art and gather as a community. The night was so great, you could just feel the love throughout the entire studio. We had plans on doing a special face-time with Jessica so she could join in on the fun to. But her family was also celebrating, as Jess went in to labor this very evening giving birth of their daughter Ella (pictured below). She chose to make her appearance on this special day, making this celebration even more exciting than anyone could of expected. Again thank you all for the continued love and support that is shared, cheers to another amazing 6 years…

















Special thank you to all of our local vendors for spending the evening celebrating Play turning 6 and helping make it so special:

Cream of the Crop

Living Tea

Peace Love & OM

Paulette Fashion

Dhanika Yoga

Hana’s Heart Art

Francesca Heyer

Lauren Tanehill Art





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