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Hi Yogis! These upcoming weeks we have some great workshops happening at the studio. Our 300 hour teacher trainees are completing their program and they are sharing their love for yoga in their own style and giving back to the community. The workshops are $25 pre-sale and $35 at the door. Each teacher is giving all proceeds to the charity of their choice. Be sure to join one or all of our 300 hour trainees for their final workshops. 

Flow & Restore Sound Extravaganza with Bob

January 19th 1:30-3:30 pm

Relax and enjoy a total sensory experience with a variety of sound instruments. Let the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, the binaural beats of tuned quartz crystal bowls, the rumble of the gong and the overtones of the crystal pyramid take you on a sound extravaganza journey engulfing the mind, body and soul.

Explore the history of various instruments and discover their modern day sound healing properties.

Participate in hands on experience playing crystal bowls, striking Tibetan singing bowls, drumming and banging on a gong.

Linger in restorative poses enjoying the effects of sound healing instruments to take you into a deeper state of relaxation and inner peace.

Give Back Yoga Foundation: A national non-profit yoga organization that believes in making yoga available to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformational benefits of this powerful practice. www.givebackyoga.org

Sensing Your Expression with Beth

February 2nd 1:00-3:30 pm

Peel back your outermost “layers” and explore the depth of your authentic Self. Understand what makes self expression so important and how you can tap into a truer You.
What to expect: Movement and Chanting to open the Visuddha Chakra, Tea and Fire Ceremony to acknowledge and release our “barriers” and Paint Therapy to set the intention of maintaining clarity within our Being.
Charity: Burners Without Borders
Description of charity: Burners Without Borders is a grassroots, volunteer driven organization that supports collaborative responses to the 21st centuries most staggering problems. BWB is recognized for their unbridled creativity in innovative disaster relief solutions and community resiliency projects.

Yoga For Runners with Megan

February 9th 1:30 -3:30 pm

Take your running program to the next level by adding yoga. This workshop will help you find balance in your body to help keep you limber while running. You will walk away with a pre-run smoothie recipe and the perfect yoga routine to follow up your runs.

Charity: Children’s Heart Foundation: CHF is the leading organization dedicated to funding Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Megan chose this organization because it hits close to home. Her best friends daughter is living with a form of CHD and this organization is one reason her daughter is living a healthy normal life. www.childrensheartfoundation.org

Upside Down with Kim

February 10th 1:00-3:00 pm

During this 2 hour inversion workshop, we will begin with a yoga warm up focusing on the muscle groups and joints that play a key role in moving your practice upside down. Then we’ll explore strength drills, alignment and specific instruction on how to safely move into a variety of inversions including headstand, forearm stand and handstand. Come play, find strength and experience the joy of changing your perspective by going upside down.

Charity:Angel Faces is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit who’s mission to hold intensive educational retreats for adolescent girls and young women with traumatic burns and injuries to help them achieve their optimum potential and develop meaningful relationships with themselves, their families and communities. www.angelfaces.com

Visit our Event Page to sign up for any of these workshops!! 


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