Five Benefits Of Hot Yoga

We all have a friend that is dying to get us to try hot yoga.  If you are on the fence and nervous about giving it a shot, here are five benefits of hot yoga.  You will walk out feeling amazing and your body will thank you.

Peace Love & Yoga share the 5 benefits of hot yoga.

  Five Benefits Of Hot Yoga

1. Detoxifying – The heat will aid in detoxifying your body.  Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and when you sweat it releases toxins and helps with the elimination process.

2. It can help increase your flexibility– The additional heat will help increase the blood flow to your muscles and can increase your flexibility.  But, be mindful when practicing that you engaging your muscles and focus on creating balance in the body.

3. Can help to clear your skin– When you sweat, it helps to clear your pores and remove excess dirt and oil from your skin.  Which, in turn, can help clear your skin of impurities. 

4. Increasing your heart rate– Getting your heart pumping is so beneficial.  Exercise can help promote weight loss, reduce your risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, along with many other things. 

5. It reduces stress–All forms of yoga offer the benefit of reducing stress, and hot yoga is no different.   Coming to your mat and bringing awareness to your breath helps to reduce stress and create mindfulness. 

If you still aren’t convinced hot yoga is for you, or you have a illness that prevents you from practicing in a heated space, you can still receive most of the benefits from a regular yoga practice. So, no matter what, just move your body and add yoga to your routine.

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