Must Haves For Hot Yoga

So, you decided to give hot yoga a try, but you aren’t sure what you need to bring with you to the studio. These are the must haves for hot yoga to make your first class a success.

Must Haves For Hot Yoga

  1. A Mat – A closed cell mat is ideal. This means the surface is sealed and will not absorb sweat and moisture. This will help to prevent bacteria from growing on or in your mat.
  2. A Towel – You can use a regular beach towel, or invest in a hot yoga towel. Manduka makes the eQua towel that is perfect for a hot yoga class and is reasonably priced.
  3. A Water Bottle – A metal water bottle that keeps your water cold is the best option and one of the must haves for hot yoga.
  4. A Hand Towel – If you are prone to breakouts having a hand towel to wipe your face is an added bonus. You can also use it for arm balances and any other time your sweaty skin could be problem.

The Studio will have blocks, and straps. Be sure to ask the instructor if there are any props you should need, or just go ahead and grab two blocks and a strap. You want to be prepared for the class. You don’t want to move off of your mat while the class is in session.

Be sure to let your instructor of any injuries or health concerns that could effect your practice. Please be aware that there are some health concerns that you may need to avoid hot yoga. Be sure to discuss with your doctor before you start a hot yoga practice.

Finally, before you roll your mat up be sure to wipe it down. Always do a weekly cleaning of your mat, spray it down and lay it out to dry. This is just an additional way to keep your mat bacteria free.

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