10 Tips To Correct Warrior II

Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana B/II is a well known strong and strutted pose. With a lot of things happening in the body it is easy to find misalignment in this pose. These 10 tips to correct Virabhadrasana II will help you find balance and strength in the body.

Peace, Love And Yoga in Carlsbad shares the 10 tips to correct your warrior 2.

10 Tips To Correct Warrior II

  1. Feet in a comfortable wide stance.
  2. Front foot pointing straight ahead.
  3. The Front knee bent to 90 degree angle and tracking over the second and third toe.
  4. Front thigh externally rotated.
  5. Back Thigh Neutral leaving space for the sacrum.
  6. The Back Leg is straight and engaged.
  7. Back foot turned in slightly from 90 degrees.
  8. Shoulders stacked over hips.
  9. Arms extending parallel to the mat.
  10. Gaze over front middle finger.

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