10 Tips to Correct Your Chair Pose

Cheers to Monday Yogis. The pose of the week is utkatasana. Today, we are sharing 10 tips to correct your chair pose. These easy tips will help you master your pose and help you build strength in your core, legs and upper body.

Peace, Love And Yoga shares 10 tips to correct your Chair Pose  (utkatasana).

10 Tips To Correct Your Chair Pose

  1. Shift body weight into heels.
  2. Bend deeply into knees.
  3. Keep knees tracking over the second and third toes.
  4. Lift through the inner arches and midline of the body.
  5. Slight tuck of the tailbone and sitting back into an invisible chair.
  6. Core strong and lower ribs drawn in.
  7. Arms either parallel to the mat or extended over head.
  8. Arms strong and engaged.
  9. Gaze out in front of you.
  10. Soften in your face.

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