Ayurvedic Basics

There are 3 principles and doshas that make up the basics of Ayurveda. Every individual constitution includes these 3 doshas with stronger traits in one or two. Ayurvedic knowledge began 5,000 year ago and came from the Vedic teachings. It is a way to find health and create a balanced homeostasis. First, you need to know what your dosha is. You can see a dosha quiz from Deepak Chopra here. Below you will find some Ayurvedic basics to help you better understand your dosha.

Peace, Love And Yoga shares some Ayurvedic basics.

Vata: Ayurvedic Basics

Vata Dosha is air and space. They are very active, speak quickly and are creative. A balanced Vata will be creative and flexible. An unbalanced dosha can make them anxious and ungrounded.

Pitta: Ayurvedic Basics

Pitta is fire and water. Pitta’s tend to be strong, intense and warm. A balanced Pitta will be strong and sharp. If a Pitta is out of balance they can get agitated easily and have a short temper.

Kapha: Ayurvedic Basics

Kapha is earth and water. They have a strong frame, are stable and grounded. When a Kapha is in balance they are grounded, kind and compassionate. If a Kapha becomes unbalanced they can be lethargic and lack in motivation.

Balancing Your Dosha

To truly balance your dosha you have to have a deep understanding of the self and be mindful of your diet, activities and so much more. If you feel that you are deeply unbalanced seek someone who can help guide you through your diet, life choices and physical activities to bring you back to a balanced state.

Ayurvedic principals believe that like increases like and opposites create balance. For example, if you feel ungrounded like you are floating in the clouds you should take off your shoes and let your feet feel the earth. Or if you feel lethargic get yourself up for a quick walk or jog out in nature.

Start small and do your research and as you make changes in your life be observant to how it makes you feel. There is so much to learn and so many options to find balance within your mind, body and soul.


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