10 Tips To Correct Warrior I

Warrior 1 is a pose that is often done incorrectly. There are so many movements happening in the body to create this strong pose. You need to have a lot of ankle mobility and strength in your legs to achieve proper alignment. Here are 10 tips to correct your warrior I or virabhadrasana I/A.

Peace, Love And Yoga shares 10 tips to correct your warrior I pose.
  1. Heel to heel alignment or feet like they are on railroad tracks.
  2. Back foot turned in 45 degrees.
  3. Lifting through the arch of the back foot.
  4. Draw front thigh bone back and back hip forward. Squaring hips to the front of the room.
  5. Front knee bent and back leg straight.
  6. Lower ribs drawing in and core engaged.
  7. Arms extended and shoulders squared to the front of the room.
  8. Shoulders relaxed away from the ears.
  9. Fingers spread wide with pinkies gently rotating inward.
  10. Gaze up towards hands.


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