The Beauty Of Hot Flow

If you have practiced at PLAY before chances are you have taken our Hot Flow sequence. This sequence was developed by Jessica McGimsey and Monique Cornfield. It is the perfect sequence and flow to create balance and strength in the body. The sequence is well thought out and flows smoothly creating a workout for your entire body.

Christine Foerster shares a beautiful post about our signature Hot Flow sequence.

There are so many benefits from a regular yoga practice. But, the beauty of the Hot Flow class is the ability to turn off your mind and just allow your body to move. Once you have been in this class for awhile you know the basics of the sequence. You can quiet your mind knowing the sequence and just breathe and flow.

Each instructor has something different to share. So even though you are taking the same flow you can always find something new in your practice. Recently, one of our beautiful instructors Christine Foerster shared an article on her blog titled Hot Flow is my Prayer. Below is an excerpt from her post really touching on the beauty of the hot flow.

“Yet, within this simplicity, you can find incredible bliss, a glorious connection to a truer part of ourselves that is breath guided movement.
Hot Flow gives the student the flexibility to make practice what one needs at that moment. It can be gentle and restorative. It can also match any high intensity workout. Or, it can exist somewhere along this spectrum, you decide. It is peace and love expressed in breath and movement, humble yet majestic.” – Christine Foerster

Come join us at PLAY for our signature sequence. Enjoy an entire body workout, while detoxing your body, and taking quality time with yourself on the four corners of your mat.

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