7 Reasons Why You Should Add Yoga To Your Resolutions

It’s the start of a New Year and we all are working hard on those New Years Resolutions. If you didn’t make yoga a part of your 2020 plan, here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Add Yoga To Your Resolutions.

Peace Love And Yoga, a hot yoga studio in Carlsbad California shares 7 reasons why you should add yoga to your resolutions; woman sitting in lotus with hand mudras.

Reduce Stress

Taking time to focus on your body and your breath can help you reduce stress in your life. It gives you a coping mechanism for stressful situations. Which in turn will help you reduce your stress.

Increase Concentration

Allowing your body and mind to slow down can help increase concentration and focus. It helps to remove all of the mind chatter and clutter. Allowing you to improve your focus.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Bringing awareness to your breath and slowing down your breathing can help to improve your cardiovascular health. Deep breathing can help to increase your lung capacity and help strengthen your heart.

Increase Flexibility

We all know that a regular yoga routine can help increase your flexibility. However, this doesn’t mean you will be able to put your foot behind your head and touch your toes. But, over time and a regular practice you will see an increase in your flexibility. This is going to vary for each person, but you will see a difference if you maintain your practice.

Improve Posture

Yoga focuses on creating a straight line of energy from the base of your spine through the crown of your head. Every yoga pose is meant to keep this channel and line open. By practicing yoga you can help to improve your posture. Spinal health is key to a healthy life.

Reduce your risk for injury

Because yoga creates balance in the body and and helps to improve flexibility it can also assist in reducing your risk for injury.

Improve Balance and Stability

Yoga challenges your core and brings awareness to parts of your body that may be neglected in a regular workout routine. The breath work, body awareness and core strengthening can help to improve your balance and stability.

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