5 Easy Ways To Add Yoga To Your Life

Over the past few months, I think we’ve all struggled to keep up a consistent yoga practice. Our day to day responsibilities, obligations, and the challenges of navigating life during the quarantine has disrupted much of our self-care routine. That being said, there are ways to add more yoga into your life every day. Here are just a few.

5 Easy Ways To Add Yoga To Your Life

5 Easy Ways To Add Yoga To Your Life featured by Peace Love And Yoga A Hot Yoga Studio In Carlsbad California; woman doing yoga in her office.
  1. Practice your Ujjayi breath throughout the day. While driving, when waking, bedtime, or any other time you can focus on your breath.
  2. Practice a tree pose or other standing balancing in your kitchen while you’re cooking!  I know, sounds crazy but it’s great practice while you’re waiting on that pasta, chicken, or veggies to be table ready!
  3. Take a few minutes to meditate… It doesn’t have to be a 30-minute deep state.  Just a time, you set aside for you to reflect and process the events of the day.
  4.  Try the cat/cow pose, while either sitting in a chair or standing and propping your hands on a desk or countertop. Round your spine like a cat as you exhale, then reverse direction and arch it like the curve of a cow’s back as you inhale.
  5. If you don’t have an hour to practice, You can find a ten-minute routine that works for you either upon waking or before bedtime. Just a few ways to add more yoga in your life every day!

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