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The Beauty Of Hot Flow

If you have practiced at PLAY before chances are you have taken our Hot Flow sequence. This sequence was developed by Jessica McGimsey and Monique Cornfield. It is the perfect sequence and flow to create balance and strength in the body. The sequence is well thought out and flows smoothly creating a workout for your […]

5 Yoga Tips For Beginners

We all have had our first time in a yoga class. A little scared and nervous because we don’t know what to expect. With these 5 yoga tips for beginners you can walk in feeling a little more prepared for your yoga class. 5 Yoga Tips For Beginners 1.   Breath.  This is the number one […]

Tropical Smoothie Recipe

The sunshine is starting to brighten up the days. It’s just a gentle reminder that summer is just around the corner. With the temperatures warming up it’s always nice to have a healthy recipe that you can throw together. This tropical smoothie recipe is really easy and tasty. The pineapple in the tropical fruit blend […]

Natural Sunscreens

This content is for information only. No action or inaction should be taken based merely on the contents of this information. Always consult a health care professional for medical advice. With summer just around the corner and the beautiful weather in Southern California we are all preparing for long days in the sun. Here are […]

10 Tips To Correct Your Upward Facing Dog

Urdhva Muhka Svanasana is an easy posture to do incorrectly. There are so many components and things happening in the body. Here are 10 tips to correct your upward facing dog. 10 Tips To Correct Your Upward Facing Dog Press firmly in to the tops of the feet and all 10 toes. Focusing on the […]

Core Workout With Niki Ryder

Today, on the Peace, Love And Yoga channel, Niki Ryder shares an 8 minute core workout that will work your entire core in under 10 minutes. This strong core sequence will work your rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominis. It is a great workout to start your day or to add in to your regular […]