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Standing Sequence

Peace Love And Yoga instructor Michele Bolanos shares a standing sequence. This flow will build strength and focus while moving your body in an easy standing sequence. You can view our other videos on our YouTube Channel or here.

Standing Balance Sequence

Finding and building balance takes core strength and focus. Our Instructor Brittni Barger shares an easy standing balance sequence. This sequence will help you find stability and core strength to grow your practice. If you need support, be sure to use a chair or table as you build your strength and focus. You can see […]

Core Workout With Niki Ryder

Today, on the Peace, Love And Yoga channel, Niki Ryder shares an 8 minute core workout that will work your entire core in under 10 minutes. This strong core sequence will work your rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominis. It is a great workout to start your day or to add in to your regular […]