Class Schedule

Coronavirus Response

I thank you all for your patience and continued support as we navigate through these unprecedented waters. We have been working around the clock to figure out what is the best for you, our community. We’ve decided it’s time to temporarily move our classes exclusively online for the time being. Our last in studio class will be the Monday (3/16) 6:30 PM Hot Flow. As soon as we are able, we will move classes back into studio.

We are not trying to compete with online streaming services. We can’t. We don’t have the equipment, the budget, or the hundreds of thousands of customers to make this option financially viable. We view our situation as such, for safety reasons we are moving classes online temporarily. The quality of instruction is the same, and the community that you know and love is still here. We know that you choose to practice with us because you have a connection to us and your community. These things are important for us to continue to offer.

That being said, we do understand that some have been and will continue to be hit economically by this virus, which is why we will be offering a handful of classes free live stream classes throughout the week as well.

As a small business and a source for local yoga, we ask you for support through these challenging times. We couldn’t ask for a better community and look forward to seeing you online and live in-person as soon as we are able. Together let’s be a wave of calm in the storm.


Follow these simple instructions to stay connected with your PLAY Family via Zoom!

Download the ZOOM app on your device! It is free!

You will see the LIVE STREAM classes available on our schedule.

Sign-Up for class as you would an in studio class, using your membership or class card. If you do not have an active membership or card, it will prompt you for payment. You can purchase a regular pass or purchase a “LIVE STREAM Drop-In for $10.”

30 minutes prior to class, you will get an email with a link to join.

Class will be open on Zoom ten minutes before the start of class, allowing time to create your practice space, settle in and tap into your breath.

This is a broadcast of a class. Your audio and video will be turned off, so you will not be seen by other participants or by the teacher. Unless you choose to turn it on!

Please be patient with us. We cannot provide ZOOM tech support however, it is very user friendly. Give yourself ample time to get situated prior to the start of class.

There are no refunds on our LIVE STREAM classes!

PLEASE NOTE: When you join a live-stream class (via ZOOM) make sure to click, “connect to audio via internet” and then double check that you are muted and your video is turned off at home. Unless you prefer otherwise!

By viewing a LIVE Stream Class you are agreeing to the liability agreement that it currently in place.

If you do not receive an email with a link to the class, please call us at (760) 720-0619 or email us at

Peace & Love,
Your PLAY family.