Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Welcome Back To PLAY

Dear PLAY Family,

We have been eagerly prepping and looking forward to our transition back to our home studio, and it’s finally here. We are re-opening Friday! While things may be different to start, the practice will remain what you know and love.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the PLAY community who have continued to support us. We would not still be standing if it wasn’t for your generosity, support, and love. Thank you.

We also want to acknowledge all the lives that have been affected and that continue to be affected by this pandemic. It has affected us all. As soon as we are able, we feel it’s important to begin the healing by welcoming you back in to your sanctuary to practice with your community should you feel inspired to do so.

During this reopening process, it is of utmost importance that we take all possible action to ensure your safety and well-being while at the studio. At the same time, we acknowledge that not everyone will be ready to return to in-studio classes right away. We will continue to have all our online offerings available to you for the foreseeable future. We honor all paths forward and look forward to connecting with you however we can.

Updated Policies and Information

Everyone’s health and safety is our top priority.  Below are the new policies for Online Registration that will be put in place, which go beyond mandated state and local requirements.  We appreciate your patience and support as we roll out our new studio protocols!

Questions Before Entering: All students will be asked the following questions before entering the studio:

1. Do you currently have a fever (Temp > 100 degrees F)? Have you had a fever within the past 24 hours? Do you feel like you have a fever?
2. Do you have any signs or symptoms of a new respiratory illness, such as cough, shortness of breath, or fatigue with muscle aches?
3. Have you traveled within the last 14 day to any restricted country or place in the US that has community spread?
4. Within the last 14 days, have you had close contact with someone with known or suspected COVID-19?

Online Registration: We are requesting that students pre-register for all classes. Online registration will be available 7 days prior to each class.  You can register through the studio’s website or by using the PLAY app.

Adjusted Class Times: All 75-minute classes will now be 60 minutes and some class start times will be adjusted by 15 minutes.  This will allow at least 30 minutes between classes to clean.  Please be sure to double-check the schedule online!

Adjusted Class Sizes: Class sizes will be limited to maintain a minimum of 6 ft distance. Studios One and Two will offer 10 and 6 spots respectively. Depending upon demand we are also looking to add new classes to the schedule so everyone has a chance to practice.

Waitlist: If a class is full, you can still add yourself to the waitlist. You will be notified by email and/or text if you are bumped into class. Please be sure to immediately respond to this notification!  Text responses are preferred, as they automatically update the system. If you aren’t notified 2 hours prior to the start of class, please do not come to the studio to see if you have a spot in class

Late-Cancellation and No-Show Policy: You can cancel your class online or from your app up to 2 hours before class to avoid losing the class or being charged a Late-Cancellation or No-Show fee. Please note that we do not accept phone or email cancellations. Any member who cancels a class less than 2 hours beforehand will be charged a $5 Late-Cancellation fee.  A No-Show fee occurs when you are signed up for a class and, you guessed it, do not show up or cancel beforehand. The No-Show fee is $20.  Any class cards or single class passes will be forfeited if you do not cancel prior to 2 hours before the start of class.  However, you will not be charged any fees.  We donate all proceeds from the Late-Cancellation and No-Show fees to our charity of the month. Sorry, no exceptions.

Late Arrival: For the benefit of teachers and students alike, we do not allow entry into class once it has started.

Extended Package Expiration Dates: All packages have been extended by the 3 months the studio was closed.

LIVESTREAM Classes: LIVESTREAM classes will continue to be offered. These virtual classes will be listed on our schedule, so if you are not comfortable coming into the studio yet or unable to get into a class, you will have another option.  LIVESTREAM classes are included in our unlimited membership packages.  They can also be purchased as a drop-in,  8 class pass or through our LIVESTREAM unlimited membership pass.


Follow these simple instructions to stay connected with your PLAY Family via Zoom!

Download the ZOOM app on your device! It is free!

You will see the LIVE STREAM classes available on our schedule.

Sign-Up for class as you would an in studio class, using your membership or class card. If you do not have an active membership or card, it will prompt you for payment. You can purchase a regular pass or purchase a “LIVE STREAM Drop-In for $10.”

30 minutes prior to class, you will get an email with a link to join.

Class will be open on Zoom ten minutes before the start of class, allowing time to create your practice space, settle in and tap into your breath.

This is a broadcast of a class. Your audio and video will be turned off, so you will not be seen by other participants or by the teacher. Unless you choose to turn it on!

Please be patient with us. We cannot provide ZOOM tech support however, it is very user friendly. Give yourself ample time to get situated prior to the start of class.

There are no refunds on our LIVE STREAM classes!

PLEASE NOTE: When you join a live-stream class (via ZOOM) make sure to click, “connect to audio via internet” and then double check that you are muted and your video is turned off at home. Unless you prefer otherwise!

By viewing a LIVE Stream Class you are agreeing to the liability agreement that it currently in place.

If you do not receive an email with a link to the class, please call us at (760) 720-0619 or email us at

Peace & Love,
Your PLAY family.