Catherine Martinez

My first yoga experience in ‘08 was in Encinitas at a little spot that I remember had a wood burning stove, and seemed like everyone there knew this dance and language that I had never seen or heard before. Growing up dancing ballet I felt gave me enough body awareness to least follow along and mimic the poses fairly easily. It was an interesting experience but didn’t spark much interest. I was introduced to a studio that had just opened called Peace Love & Yoga a couple years later and Instantly fell in love with the vibe of the studio and the beautiful people who filled it.

For years I practiced and just couldn’t get enough of it. To me it was similar to surfing in the sense that there’s never an end to the progression. It made my surfing so much stronger and I could clearly see how many injuries it was helping to prevent by staying so limber. My love for yoga was all about the physical benefits and how amazing it made me feel. It wasn’t until ‘19 when I finally committed to doing the 200hr teaching training that I began to see how much deeper it goes and all the benefits that are far beyond the physical sense. Rupturing my achilles is what made me really want to do the YTT to deepen my knowledge of yoga and learn how and why it helped my recovery so tremendously. With no desire at all to ever teach, I was only there for the desire to learn and get to spend time with the amazing teachers I’ve been gifted time to learn and practice with all these years. Little did I know I’d be meeting 7 other women who became like sisters, and have a complete life changing experience.

I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for Jess starting such a wonderful studio that attracts people so warm and beautiful just like her. And to have had Monique as a mentor right out of teacher training was a learning experience that I will savor forever. These women are total badasses that forever blow my mind. I could go on forever…. HUGE thank you to Jess, Ian, Mo, Thomas, Garry, Catherine, Susan, Diane, Fall, Megan, Emily L, Michele, Tamara, Lisa, Gina, Jesse, Brittni, Niki, Lexi, Mala, Jenna, Christine, Val, Lindsey B, Jackie, Naomi, Nikki, Kim, Adriana, Lindsay H, Beatrice, Raschel, Erich, Brandy, Erin, Emily B, Josh, and Barbra!!! I love you all!!!! What an honor and gift it is to be able to guide you through a class to help you tap out, to tap in, and breathe <3

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