Of all the sports and activities that I do, I never felt yoga was "my thing". I tried it several times at my gym but I never bought into the whole concept. Maybe it was the class I took or maybe I'm getting older and wiser -- but whatever the reason, I decided to give yoga another try and began seeking out yoga studios in my area.

I was thrilled to discover that Peace Love and Yoga (PLAY) offered free, unlimited classes to any new client for an entire week. What did I have to lose? Since I've only been to a handful of classes, I started off with their Playgrounds class taught by Catherine. She was amazing! Super basic class and it was exactly what I needed to get started and truly understand the purpose and meaning of each breathe and each pose. By the end of the hour....I was hooked!

I know what it feels like after a great workout, but this was different. My body felt free and open but more importantly, I realized I was able to let go of all the demands from the office, from home and from life and just focus on me. My mind was for the first time in many months...calm and not thinking of the 100 things I could be doing in this hour. It felt amazing to truly let go.

During my free week, I went nearly every day and tried their Hot Yoga, Play 1 and even their Play1-2 class. Monique was one of the instructors that really stood out for me. She has great energy and her classes are so awesome. I know I'm making an absolute fool of myself in class but i'm very much enjoying every minute of it. = ) I'm poking fun of myself but really, no one seems to care or judge when I'm falling trying to get into a pose. The instructors and even the participants are very down to earth.

I'm still getting all the lingo down and the poses and I'm sure I'll be a beginner for many, many, many months to come but you've to start somewhere, right? Now that I completed my free week, I've just renewed for an entire months of class. I'm so excited to learn more about yoga and see progress (hopefully).

I'd highly recommend Peace Love and Yoga. If you're afraid of the hot yoga classes like I was, don't worry. It's not that bad...and I don't do heat well.

— Sharon V. (from Yelp)

December 15th, 2012, I chaperoned my grandson's 2nd grade class to LegoLand. I did nothing to hurt my back, but the next morning, I couldn't move. That began an almost 3 month period of X-Rays, chiropractors, neurologists, MRIs and neurosurgeon appointments. The first time I drove a car after December 15th was home from the Tri-Cities Hospital Cardiac Care Unit on March 5th where my wife was taken after complete cardiac arrest. On March 12th, I brought her home with what we thought was a clean bill of health. On March 22nd, 2013, my wife slipped quietly away. I was 2 inches to her right in bed and the phone was 2 inches to her left. She never moved. Never made a sound.

I am in my 70th year. I have been in a gym most of my life playing handball, lifting weights, jogging 6 miles a day, or doing step & high impact aerobics. Nothing I have ever done lets me do it every day except Hot Yoga. I did the 10 in 10 early December and joined for 12 months after that special was up. I practice 5 or 6 days a week. Consequently, the totally extruded L3 vertebrae and the pinched nerve bundle that was evident after a January, 2013 MRI is now almost totally aligned. Dr. Ahmet Oygar, board certified neurosurgeon since 1971, told me after reviewing the January 2014 MRI that this realignment is extremely rare, especially in someone my age.

Long story short, Hot Yoga has increased my range of motion by at least 20%. Has increased my core strength immensely. Helped me with balance, endurance, stamina, blood pressure, weight control, and flexibility. While I am always the oldest person in a session, usually by 25 years, I represent the age group that should be in the room and I am extremely grateful Dr. Paul strongly suggested that I try Peace, Love, and Yoga.

— Mike Whittaker

I can't say enough about this yoga studio. It's so legit! Jess, one of the owners, brings her knowledge in kinesiology to every class and it shows. Susan is a second generation Pilates teacher which doesn't seem like a big deal except it really is. Truly, EVERY teacher is amazing! Just go to their online schedule, close your eyes and point to a class. Also their website is so easy to use that I don't ever have to question how many classes I have left, how to buy them, etc. They are seriously so "on the ball". As a business owner myself it impresses the heck out me. It's what compelled me to write a second review.

— Jennifer W. (from Yelp)

OK, I've tried yoga before and had a wonderful friend (and great yoga instructor) on many occasions put me through the paces. Never really stuck to it. This place blew me away.

The studio is warm and peaceful with a great energy to it. Super clean, and that's a big plus with me, especially sense it's a mostly heated studio. The staff was wonderful, inviting, and had the knowledge to put me at ease.

Then came the actual yoga... Amazing. I can't believe how challenging it was while being comforting to the soul. Sounds weird, huh? I mean it catered to my athletic needs physically while putting my mind and and spirit in a place of peace. The chill music is perfect for setting the up the balanced connection between body and mind.

I'm a athletic trainer and was impressed with the knowledge of the three instructors I've had so far. I'm sure they are all of that level though. Jessica the owner wouldn't have it any other way. Her classes are my favorite... but have been pleased with everyone there.

Two months in on my practice and will never stop. Yogi for life.

P.L.A.Y. is the place to be.

— Jerry S. (from Yelp)

AMAZING, Great studio!

Take your yoga practice to the next step. Every instructor here really takes you through a different journey, where their expertise shines through.

This studio really reflects peace, love, openess, kindness and cleanliness you experience once you walk through the doors. You will find all levels, and really can work within your comfort level or push yourself!

Overall, you will have a great positive experience! Highly recommend.

— Rese K. (from Yelp)

I'm new to yoga and I absolutely feel at home in my noobishness here :) I go to Garry's classes and am amazed at his ability to help each student individually while keeping the entire class engaged. He's very aware of the progress each student has made and has yet to make. I'm very grateful for PLAY :)

— Katie S. (from Yelp)

This beautiful studio and amazing staff have been changing my life. I have a ruptured disc in my back and decided to go with yoga instead of a surgery (best decision I ever made). All the teachers are amazing, wide variety of classes, the atmosphere is soothing, and there is a great family vibe of yogis that are all there to enrich their life and practice. LOVE it.... see ya in class!

— Mike M. (from Yelp)

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