200 Hour

Next Training Begins August 2022!

Learn from some of your favorite PLAY teachers, online or in-person, on your journey to a deeper understanding of yoga. Our high quality, well-rounded program will give you a deeper understanding of yoga.

You’ll develop confidence as we study over 60 poses, learning the following for each:

Detailed Alignment

Proper alignment is one of the most important aspects of a safe practice. Using your PLAY TT manual, demonstration and discussion we will learn how to adjust poses to find proper alignment and help you get your practice to meet you where your body is on any given day. We’ll discuss common limitations for poses and learn modifications to serve the variety of students you will encounter.

Sanskrit and Philosophy

The spoken language of Sanskrit is said to invoke the same vibration as the poses being practiced. We’ll develop a foundational understanding of the language, learn the original sanskrit names for the poses in our program, and work with proper pronunciation.

Subtle Body and Specialty

Stimulating the various Chakra points and subtle energies throughout your practice happens without you knowing it! We will teach you how to properly group poses for the different Chakras and subtle energies, as well as why we need to stimulate them throughout our practice.

Teaching Methods

Becoming a teacher is one of the most rewarding experiences, and we are excited to help you begin your journey as a teacher. Throughout the program we will focus on getting comfortable in front of a group, how to cue effectively, how to sequence a class, hands-on assists and so much more!


Using your PLAY TT manual, text books, and our life-size skeleton we will teach anatomy from a functional perspective. Understanding the bones, muscles and joints that make up the body helps to develop a deeper understanding of the asanas and how to practice/teach them effectively.

We believe anatomy is a key tool to understanding asanas, so you will be learning anatomy throughout the entire program. Our team of trainers, with their diverse and eclectic backgrounds will teach you to intelligently sequence your classes, as well as your own practice. With their combined experience of over 60 years of teaching yoga to thousands of students, this training is a uniquely valuable experience at an affordable price.

Enjoy complimentary classes at Peace Love and Yoga with your Teacher Training Tuition!

You’ll come out of our training, feeling confident to begin your teaching journey. Change your life, have a blast and PLAY with us!

Led by Jessica McGimsey E-RYT 500

Jessica McGimseyJessica found yoga 10 years ago and wasn’t a fan. Yet, there was something that was drawing her to it, fueling her determination to find a form of Yoga that worked for her. She tried almost all forms, enjoying some, and feeling unsatisfied with others. After finding a heated vinyasa flow that spoke to her, the love for yoga began to grow. Since then, she has grown to appreciate all forms of yoga, and how each style benefits the body, mind and spirit in their unique ways.

Hear From Our Graduates

“Hello Yoga Lovers.,
My name is Megan and I am a teacher at Peace Love And Yoga in Carlsbad. I have been teaching yoga for ten years and I have completed two 200-hour teacher training certifications. I wanted to share my experience and tell you about how fabulous the program is that PLAY has developed.

I took my first certification ten years ago and have loved every second of teaching. After nine years, I noticed something was missing from my classes. I have a ton of experience in the fitness industry, but I just felt like my classes needed something else. After some thought, I decided to try the PLAY 200 hour training. This experience has changed me, not only my teaching, but also my life. They have a strong focus on alignment anatomy and the 8 limbs. You will spend your 200 hours fully immersed in all things yoga. Your practice will grow and you will find a new fire for your practice. Your body will thank you and you will have connection with so many other amazing yogis.

I loved the training so much that I have enrolled in the 300-hour program along with many other training sessions that PLAY offers. Jess, Monique and Susan are an inspiration with so much knowledge. The in-depth anatomy will help you better understand what your body is doing in each pose. The 8 limbs and philosophy focused curriculum will give you an appreciation for the yogi way of life. I have always been one to try to and what is right, but the 8 limbs really bring it all full circle.

I highly recommend this program. Whether, you want to teach or not, take the 200 hour training to change your life, your body, and become a part of a whole new yoga family.”

-Megan B.(PLAY instructor)

“When I first signed up for the Free Teacher Training info session I considered myself a beginner and felt excited about learning more about the Sanskrit and Anatomy. Everyone I met through the process was so inviting and kind, I felt right at home and welcomed right away. Jessica M., Monique C., and Diane N. were the BEST teachers a student can ever ask for. Honestly, I love how they give each student the individual attention they need, they are willing to help and there to answer questions. From Alignment to cueing and teaching methods. Peace love and Yoga took me to the next level of my daily practice, I learned about stimulating various chakra points and the need to stimulate them during each asana practice. Not to mention meditation and all the different breathing techniques. It truly took me to another level and I can’t help but want to learn more.

I especially loved all the students that shared this journey with me, this was an amazing experience I will cherish forever.”
-Andrea H.

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