At PLAY, we have a mind, body, spirit approach to health and well-being. We believe peace, love and yoga are essential to living a healthy life. For us, peace is about connecting with the quiet, calm nature within and that feeling of being at home. Love is positive emotion. Yoga is the culmination of peace and love through moving meditation guided by your breath. Sharing peace and love through kindness and compassion with others brings community together at PLAY studio.

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10 Tips To Correct Your Down Dog

In almost every yoga class you will probably see at least one down dog or adho muka svanasana. With these 10 tips for better form in your down dog, you will be nailing this posture in no time. Hands shoulder distance apart. Feet hip distance apart. You should be able to transition from plank to […]

Spring Solstice Event/ 54 Sun Salutations

Date: March 20th
Time: 54 Sun Sals at 5:00PM
Pricing: Use your regular class packkage or membership!

Come for the 54 Sun Sals, vendors, specials, new art, and more!

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Mala Making Workshop

Date: March 31st
Time: 12PM – 4PM
The Mala Making Workshop includes:

•A discussion about the history of the mala, and the significance
•Time to design and create your custom mala
•Spiritual cleansing and attunement of your mala.
•An introduction to your mala as a spiritual tool.

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Tween Yoga

Date: Wednesdays
Time: 3:45PM – 4:45PM
Ages: 9-12

Tweens will learn the basics of yoga postures while flowing through sequences together. Focusing on alignment and breath, Tweens will have an opportunity better understand their body, building self-confidence, as they move through various poses!

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New Students 10 Days of Yoga for $10

First time at Peace Love and Yoga? Try us out for 10 consecutive days for only $10!

(10 for 10 available to first-time clients only)

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