NGY Kids Yoga Returns to Play 5/24

“Step in to Summer”Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.48.49 PM

Next Generation Yoga classes are designed based on the interests, energies and developmental stages of children. Our philosophy recognizes that all children are unique and develop at their own pace. NGY teachers love to work with you to create the best Yoga program for your child’s needs.

Join us for a 6 week series, “Step into Summer” focused around the theme, of Summer, Light, Energy and Laughter.

NGY Kids Yoga (ages 3-7) with Jaime Russo Tuesdays @ 4:30pm 5/24-6/28

NGY Kids Yoga (ages 8-13) with Ana Matelijan Thursdays @4:30pm 5/26-6/30

NGY Family Yoga with Leslie Sundays @4:00pm 5/29-7/3

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 Turn Things Upside Down

Friday’s at 5pm & Wednesday’s at 5:30pm

Turn Things Upside Down has been such a hit on Friday’s we have decided to add another practice day. Wednesday’s at 5:30pm. This class will consist of a heated 35 minute warm up, vinyasa flow which will incorporate poses to aid in handstand strengthening and flexibility. We will than take to the wall to work on building up and taking flight in our handstands, headstands, and forearm stands! This will be followed by a cool down and savasana.
*Intermediate level class, free of wrist and/or shoulder injuries highly suggested.


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