PLAY 200 Hour Teacher Training begins August 28th!

Learn from some of your favorite PLAY teachers on your journey to a deeper understanding of yoga. Our high quality, well rounded program will give you a deeper understanding of yoga.

We believe anatomy is a key tool to understanding asanas, so you will be learning anatomy throughout the entire program. Our team of trainers, with their diverse and eclectic backgrounds will teach you to intelligently sequence your classes, as well as your own practice. With their combined experience of over 60 years of teaching yoga to thousands of students, this training is a uniquely valuable experience at an affordable price.

Enjoy complementary classes at Peace Love and Yoga with your Teacher Training Tuition!

You’ll come out of our training, feeling confident to begin your teaching journey. Change your life, have a blast and PLAY with us!

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Yoga for Healthy Back with Sarah Haughton

August 22nd from 1:30 PM-3:30 PM

IMG_2355The health of your back influences all aspects of your life: posture, work, play and sleep. When your back is stiff and painful, it burdens all areas of your life. Nearly all of us experience some type of back pain in our lives, some chronic, others temporary. This workshop will teach the most up to date guiding principles of alignment you can use not only in your yoga practice, but also you daily life of movement (sitting, standing, walking, etc). You will leave this workshop with:

  • Anatomical knowledge of how your back moves, why it hurts, and what you can do to successfully omit back pain from your life.
  • Understanding your back
  • Anatomy and understanding common back issues (upper, middle and lower back, and sacrum)
  • Postural assessment and awareness techniques for proper body alignment
  • Yoga Therapeutics for various back issues – approaching each yoga practice with back safety as the primary focus
  • Lengthening your spine in its natural shape, stretching tight muscles, strengthening muscles that have become weak

Non Heated; All Levels
$25 Pre-Paid; $35 At the Door

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