At PLAY, we have a mind, body, spirit approach to health and well-being. We believe peace, love and yoga are essential to living a healthy life. For us, peace is about connecting with the quiet, calm nature within and that feeling of being at home. Love is positive emotion. Yoga is the culmination of peace and love through moving meditation guided by your breath. Sharing peace and love through kindness and compassion with others brings community together at PLAY studio.

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Disasters, Delays and …Gratitude? by Jess McGimsey

We all know that S**t happens, but in our case I wasn’t expecting that saying to be so literal.  Last week we encountered a problem with the plumbing that apparently had gone un-noticed for several years (the space that we are expanding into has been vacant for about 4 years).  When we started out work […]

108 Sun Salutations for the Winter Solstice!

Join us on Dec. 21th at 5pm for 108 Sun Salutations with Susan Taylor. Susan Taylor will be your guide through this magical experience, with some lovely counter stretches after we reach 108!

All Levels; Warm

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Ho, Ho, Ho Yogis!

Santa is on his way to Peace Love and Yoga to spread Holiday Cheer! Through all of December, Santa will be surprising a yogi in our community with a special gift!

Congrats to Kristen our 1st winner!

Ring in 2015 with Peace Love and Yoga!

Join us for a 75 min Hot Flow Plus class at 10:45 PM and OM in the New Year!
Practice the Hot Flow sequence we all love, with a few fun extras.  

Champagne toast after class!

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10 Classes for $10

First time at Peace Love and Yoga? Try us out for 10 consecutive days for only $10! (10 for 10 available to first-time clients only)

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